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There have been leaping advances in finance since the development of modern portfolio theory. We implement these findings in your daily operations so that you may reap the benefits.

We give you an optimal result for every portfolio you build. Our vision is to connect you to a community of knowledge in finance.

Behavioral finance adds to the value of traditional mean-variance analysis in that it takes theories and assumptions on how investors behave and tests them. Combining the best aspects of both gives a complete view of the interaction between investors and markets. Implementing these findings is vital to having a strong competitive edge in your industry.

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Announcement: Behavioural Finance Solutions and Ortec Finance cooperate in Private Wealth Management Switzerland
This relationship is a co-operation in order to offer a combined solution, given our complementary expertise. BhFS offers their expertise in profiling clients willingness to take risk, and in assessing the particular behavioural biases of the client. With OPAL, Ortec Finance offers the broader structure for an advisory process, with particular expertise in assessing a client’s ability to take risk, goal based advisory and monitoring. With a combined solution, financial service providers have access to a best practices advisory process, given market leading innovations in both behavioural finance and private ALM.
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This book is co-authored by BhFS partner Thorsten Hens. It includes a description of the value of risk profiling in general, and a comparison of risk profilers including the BhFS risk profiler.